The story of
Tilde~ Raw Vodka

Tilde~ was born from an unlikely collaboration between White Rabbit’s Jeremy Halse, Joadja Distillery’s Master Distiller Valero Jimenez, and Owner–Bartender Natalie Ng from Sydney’s Door Knock. The trio shared a belief that flavour is not a flaw, and vodka can have character and dimension and teamed up to create a liquid like no other.

Made in the Southern Highlands from high quality Australian grain and natural spring water, together with low intervention distillation and minimal filtration. Tilde~ is a true Australian expression of craft vodka that’s the first of its kind in Australia.

Tilde~ Raw Vodka is available in great bars, restaurants and retailers around Australia.

tilde/ [ til—duh ]
~ is a Tilde – it means ‘similar to, but not exactly the same. ’To us, it’s the perfect expression of our craft philosophy.

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