A vodka made for creative thinkers


Clear and viscous with no faults, tilde~ offers a textural and creamy feel. With a hint of fresh citrus and a velvety, luxurious length in the palate, and vegetal aromas reminiscent of Cachaca and Rhum Agricole, fresh pine and lemon zest.

"Vodka is typically distilled to the point that it is flavourless and unidentifiable. tilde~ celebrates the best of Australian grain and ingredients, which are then minimally distilled to give a velvety mouthfeel like no other.

Tilde~ will finally allow bartenders a chance to create a new revolution of vodka cocktails, ones that are full of life and inspiration”

Natalie Ng
                tilde~ Brand Ambassador


Born from the craft tradition, and the pursuit of character above purity, tilde~ is always made from scratch. This creates its distinctively raw style, but still velvety smooth characteristics. In crafting tilde~ raw vodka, our Head Brewer starts with a bespoke recipe and the best raw Australian ingredients including oats, wheat, pale malt, hops and kveik yeast to create a beer wash.


Our Master Distiller then distils this wash into vodka using a low intervention, minimally distilled approach. Where others typically strive for perfection and strip out the character and flavours from their vodka, we preserve them using a low-intervention, minimally filtered approach, keeping and celebrating the "imperfections" that make our vodka unique. We then add natural spring water and nothing else.

tilde/ [ til—duh ]
~ is a Tilde – it means ‘similar to, but not exactly the same. ’To us, it’s the perfect expression of our craft philosophy.

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